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historical earth

Cosmologists think that...

the universe began 13.7 billion years ago  
the contents of the universe include
4% atoms (ordinary matter)
23% of an unknown type of dark matter, and
73% of a mysterious dark energy

our solar system was formed about 5 billion years ago
the earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago


Paleontologists think that...

invertebrate life began on earth about 600 million years ago
fish evolved about 300 million years ago
amphibians evolved about 150 million years ago
reptiles evolved about 120 million years ago
dinosaurs evolved about 80 million years ago
bipedal hominids began appearing about 6 million years ago
neanderthals appeared about 300k years ago
homo habilis appeared about 200k years ago
tools began to be used about 180k years ago
fire began to be used about 150k years ago
homo erectus appeared about 130k years ago

homo sapiens (humans) emerged as the only hominid survivors through a series of glacial epochs (ice ages) during the last 70k years
humans began to use clothing about 70k years ago
the first words were spoken by humans about 40k years ago
cave paintings have been identified from about 30k years ago
civilizations began to be formed about 11k years ago, after the last glacial epoch (ice age)
agriculture began about 11k years ago when most of the large game had been killed
between approximately 3.5k and 5k years ago humans clearly deviated from ways of life based on a sustainable partnership with nature
writing was invented about 5k years ago
pyramids were build about 4.5k years ago
the Greek civilization lasted about 2k years, from about 4k years ago to 2k years ago
the Roman empire lasted about 500 years ago, from 0 to 500 AD


From modern history we know that...

the Renaissance and rise of Western European civilization began about 500 years ago
the printing press was invented by Gutenberg (German) in 1455
Columbus sailed to the North American continent in 1492
Australia was discovered by the Dutch in 1606

due to human activity, there has been an increase in the numbers of animal species becoming extinct:
1601-1700 AD: 7 species became extinct
1701-1800 AD: 11 species became extinct
1801-1900 AD: 27 species became extinct
1901-1966 AD: 67 species became extinct

the industrial revolution occurred during the 19th century, leading to industrialized and non-industrialized human civilizations in different countries
in 1896, the telephone was invented
in 1964, International Business Machines (IBM) coined the term "word processor"
in 1969, computers were first used to communicate synchronously
since the mid-1970's, 7 million humans have died of AIDS
since 1970 humans have created and stored more information than in the previous 5,000 years


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