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foreign stereotypes about the french

The image of  the French in other countries
[Source: Francoscopie 1999]

The Japanese say: sophisticated, conservative, elegant, art de vivre, noisy, brutal and dirty, cheerful and patient

The Americans say: creative, close-minded, cold and wary, conceited, arrogant, communists, anti-American

The Dutch say: cultured, respectful of human rights, welcoming and open, restless, talkative, not serious 

The Spaniards say: cold, distant, impolite, conceited

The Swedes say: disobedient, immoral, disorganized, neocolonialists, dirty

The Danes and the British say: disorganized and aggressive

The English say: chauvinistic, intransigent, cared for by the state, no sense of humour
The Poles and Swedes say: inveterate talkers, exuberant, impatient, distant and inhospitable

The Greek say: not very smart

The Swiss say: France is unsafe [crime], cultured, innovative
The Germans say: "Happy as God in France", conceited, offhand, frivolous

The Belgians say: messy, inefficient, self-satisfied

The Italians say: snobs, arrogant

The Portuguese say: lesson givers, haughty
The Brazilians say: the French do not like children

Nadeau, a Canadian, wrote
"France is a mouse with the skin of an elephant; America is an elephant with the skin of a mouse."

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